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History and Background
All about Dr.Dead!

Dr.dead is a hardcore,extreamist in the EMW! Yet he has not yet held an EMW title he he will defiently be holding one in the future!He has his eye on the EMW Hardcore Championship!Well that's the style that he likes!He will keep updating this site and keep letting you know if he wins a EMW Championship!Know for the fun he has left his Create a wrestler for smackdown 2 for the playstation!Just look below for it and keep coming BACK!

Sincerely, Dr.Dead

Base type 2

nose 1-eyes 10-mouth 29-figure 3
hair-base 51-figure 2-brightness 100
facial hair- 30 -brightness 112
accessories-Paint-Brightness 112
base type 3-figure 2
tattoo- 50-brightness 80
shirt 8-shade 0-brightness 80
wristbands 17-length 42-brightness 40
hands 7-brightness 16
elbow pad-left-4-shade 0-brightness 88
pants 53-brightness 104
feet 5-brightnress 120
belt 7
arms-mass 140-width 145-thickness 136
forarm-mass 143-width 140-thickness 146
height 643
Bossman Chokeslam